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About our company

Agricare Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (agricultural based company) is a leading agriculture and input manufacturer in Nepal.

We have known the market wisely, And have studied our field more than any other in Nepal. We believe that upcoming generation will appreciate and get involved in environmental friendly agro production. We have been loyal in quality and have satisfied our customer for more than decade now.
Agricare Nepal Private Limited is first Agro micro-nutrients Company in Nepal since 2005 A.D. We specialize in proper growth of a plant, trace element needed for a plant like Zinc(Zn), Copper(Cu), Potash(K). We have started our new unit of Bio-technology since 2009 A.D. for the production of Bio-pesticide in Nepal. We culture the Trichoderma viride, Metarhizium anisopliae ,Bacillus thuringensis var. kurstaki and Beauveria basssiana etc. Agricare Nepal produces micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients, Growth Promoter, Stress Regulator, Bio-stimulant and Bio- Pesticide etc.